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Custom Airpod Case – Why You Buy A Custom Airpod Case

If you own the latest version of Apple’s wireless earbuds, you’ll need to buy a case to cover up the design of the new AirPods. The Designer AirPod Case 5 silicone case has a ton of options available. To help you, we’ve put together 33 of our most popular AirPod Pro covers for 2021. Sources: 3

Each enclosure covers all options and is compatible with both wireless and wired charging. Scroll down to find the best AirPods case you can get for an AirPod owned by a partner or friend. If you want it a little more straightforward and made of AirPod skin, grab a case from Podskinz. Sources: 3

Instead of buying a new cover to store your AirPods, buy a cover for your existing AirPod cover. This will give you a protective cover for the existing cover. With this purchase you will also receive a case that stores your airpods and supports charging via the Lightning port. Sources: 3

The luxurious AirPod bag from Prada is made of leather with an attractive Saffiano texture. The case has a small snap clip, which is perfect for attaching to bags and belt loops. A practical drawcord facilitates carrying and tying the bag or belt loop. Sources: 3

Browse our selection of stylish and customizable products to personalize your essential Beysis. Combine an AirPods Pro bag with a custom water bottle for the fitness junkie in your life, or get a personalized nail polish for your beast that matches its sleeve to its pedal. We have personalised AirPod Pro sleeves that are tailor-made for every occasion. From birthday gifts to bespoke teacher gifts, we have something for you with your Airpod Pro Cover. Sources: 1

If you disagree about the top AirPods case and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices between sellers. With lower prices, lower shipping costs and local pickup options, you can make some big savings. Remember how jealous you will be of a friend if you tell him that you have custom-designed your AirPod case on AliExpress. If you act quickly, this case will become one of the most coveted bestsellers of all time. Sources: 2

Players and children will surely appreciate this vintage-inspired case. Inspired by the classic Game Boy games console, this case is compatible with wireless chargers to take the trouble to get your case out for charging. The housing is also compatible with AirPods and AirPod Pro. Sources: 0

Adjust the housing with your first name and choose from five different colors. The material is made of genuine leather for increased durability. It will help protect your suitcase from falls and scratches. Enjoy Maison Kitsune’s famous fox logo in one of the three colours of the case, available in blue, green and yellow. If you prefer a simpler design, the printed wallet will add a splash of colour. Sources: 0

Your loading bag is made of genuine Italian leather and is available in a variety of colours and patterns, including basic neutral colours such as black and brown. If you love the boho aesthetic, add it to your shopping cart. The printed design is made of plastic, a material that also helps protect your case from scratches and water. The housing is compatible with wireless charging and has an opening for charging. 

custom airpod case

Why Apple Airpod Cases Are The Best Earbuds

Apple’s AirPods have become a fixture in our pockets, and many people keep track of their favorite wireless earbuds with the best AirPod cases. The Airpods have dominated the wireless headphone game with simple connectivity, high quality construction and an elegant design. However, they also have a disadvantage that many Apple customers know. The rigors of commuting, training, and general use can reduce the life of your AirPod case. 

About Apple Airpod Cases

Many Apple users invest in protective covers for their most valuable hearing aids. Additional AirPod security in the form of a case keeps your headphones secure, gives them more grip and scores with style. However, the suitcases can be full of scratches, scratches and signs of use. You can also throw the occasional drop into the mix, which is likely given the slippery nature of the cases. Sources: 7

Now in its second generation, we understand how important your AirPods are and how important it is that you protect them. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the most stylish and protective AirPod covers. These cases are far from perfect and not suitable for every good decision-maker. They can easily get lost or dirty, which is why Apple has opted for a white case. There is no need to commit, as these cases come in two different top colors that you can customize in no time. Sources: 2

With the ZenPod housing, your AirPods look refined and classic, but are hidden inside with a big dose of fun. The outer leather and lining protect your earphones from damage, and the best part is that the outer casing is equipped with a brushed aluminum spinner. Sources: 0

This pink silicone case looks like an old school cell and provides access to cables and charging ports. It also comes with a cute matching keychain. It doesn’t get sweeter than an AirPod case for cats. Available in a doughnut or pizza design, this soft silicone sleeve provides access to cables, charging ports and your AirPods in and out of the sleeve. It is supplied with snap hook for easy carrying. Sources: 8

The underside of the housing covers the AirPods charging port to protect it when not in use, and folds when you need to fill up juice. The case comes with an AirPod wristband and earwires. Hook the bag into your belt loop or bag with the included removable snap hook. It protects against falls and scratches and is compatible with the AirPod 2 wireless charging, and the front LED charging light is hidden. Sources: 0

The AirSnap AirPods bag gets a cutaway so you can see the charge state and light of the AirPod 2. The suitcase never loses its clip in the bag. When I list the cases and their perks, the Airsnap AirPod Case is imore of my favorites. Sources: 5

Whether you want a timeless case in a monochrome or super fun design (think ice cream cones or retro Nintendo Game Boy Galaxy prints), the best AirPods cases that you can personalize are those that protect your earbuds and provide plenty of style. Most importantly, you can charge your airpods while they are in your suitcase. Some cases allow easy access to cables and charging ports, but if you have a wireless charging case, you should choose one that is compatible. You may also want to opt for a case that gives you access to the sync button, as with the second-generation AirPod, or one that lets you see the LED charging light on the front of your case. Sources: 8

All products presented here are independently selected by our editorial staff, and we can earn a commission on purchases made through our links, but only if the merchant receives certain verifiable data for accounting purposes. Apple’s personalized cases AirPods helped popularize true wireless earbuds that offer excellent sound quality, rock-solid connectivity, and an impressive fit. Now that they come in cases, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra layer of protection from the outside world to the airpods. The use of a cover can prevent the earplugs in the original case from being scratched in the pocket and reduce the likelihood that the buds will bounce off in case of accidental drops. Sources: 4

AirPod charging cases and sleeves are becoming increasingly common. Not only do all the major accessory manufacturers have their own twist on them, Apple also carries some selected ones in its brick-and-mortar retail locations. We’ve put some of the most popular options to the test and rounded up the best AirPod covers currently on the market. The best thing about our personal collection of AirPod covers is that there is not a single one on this list that we would not recommend. Apart from the shell names on Amazon, which have questionable origins, these are the ones we prefer. Sources: 1

If you want to keep the AirPods case intact and protect it from more devastating falls, this case is crucial. Micro abrasions can be easily concealed with a glossy white finish. On the other hand, relying on a poorly designed product can be a nuisance. Sources: 1

If you’re picky about the color of your AirPods case, check out the color options of the Zalu case. You have 30 vibrant colors to choose from, so you can customize the case to suit your bag and personal style. Sources: 7

Nomad is another company to beat when it comes to high-end Apple accessories. His Vision AirPods case is a case wrapped in Horween leather. The leather has aged well, as you can see from our well-worn model. The housing consists of two parts, one with lid and one with the body, which remains stored. Sources: 1

Suddenly, real wireless earbuds are mainstream, and they’re becoming more popular than ever. They may not be to everyone’s taste when it comes to design, but they are superb in terms of convenience. But that doesn’t mean other companies haven’t decided to market equally clever AirPods accessories. The iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (AirPods come in white, but the Apple Watch doesn’t have its own branded accessories) all have wireless AirPod charging pouches. Whether it’s a custom-made bag for airpods or a bag with a protective hook to hold it in your ears during training, here are the best AirPod accessories we’ve found. Sources: 6

Apple’s popular AirPods have a whole ecosystem of accessories, including additional covers and other compatible AirPod add-ons, that can help overcome minor (or, for some people, enormous) deficiencies. This selection of the best AirPod accessories is based on my own practical experience with each case, including a charging bag, earphone extensions and a few other interesting Airpod accessories I found. Note that Apple will release the AirPod Pro in October, so this list will be based on the non-Pro standard version of the real wireless earphones.